Kenny Newberry



Kenny Newberry was born and raised in northern Florida. In 1988 he accepted Christ as his Savior and in 1991, surrendered to the ministry.  He attended Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida where he took Bible classes, pastoral classes, participated in the bus ministry, children’s church and worked in the counseling center. In 2001, he was happily called to serve as Pastor of Boone Baptist Church.

Rhonda Newberry

 Pastor’s Wife/Secretary

Rhonda serves alongside her husband in his ministry. Her commitment to God is shown through the love that she extends to her Church family every day.

Wanda Taylor


Wanda, along with her husband Joe, have been an essential part of BBC since moving to it’s new location. Their dedication to the Church is evidence of their love for God.

Pat Wilson

Head of Cards for All Ministries

Pat has a special place in her heart for encouraging others. She runs the Cards for All Ministry to help reflect that passion. With her husband, Clarence, their smiles are also seen as part of that encouragement.

Trent Cochran

 Assistant Sound Technician

Trent has been a member of BBC since joining with his mother, Annette. He was a part of God’s Little One’s, New Leaf Youth Group, and now works along side Staush. Trent is active in our local community and is a great inspiration for other young adults.
Geraldine Woods

  God’s Little Ones Director

Geraldine, along with her husband James, bring a great passion for helping others. As a previous VBS Director, she became the GLO Director in 2015 and has made such a great impact in the lives of our children.

Kenny Teague

Worship Leader

Kenny has been an essential part of BBC since moving to the new location, as well. Along with his wife, Debbie  who also sings in the choir, their smiling faces are a testimony of God’s cheerfulness and love.